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Who can apply to our Projects?

Anybody can become a part of our movement, we want to make clear that these opportunities are not just for Fashion Models, although they are an integral part of our projects. If you have an idea regarding a current developmental problem that you would like to see a solution to, please contact us and let us know you would like to volunteer. 

What are the benefits?

Knowledge is power. The benefits of being a part of the MAP is learning how to bring a triangular co-operation model to life and see projects realized from their starting grounds to a completed in real life program or project. A triangular model of co-operation means that when working on a project our team consists of members from government, Non-governmental organizations, private partners (media and companies with a social responsibility practice) and public partners. The mix of perspectives give many angles from where to look at a problem and together find a sustainable solution. As a volunteer you are on the court with us, in real time receiving a rich understanding of how solving problems can be done from different aspects and you will learn first hand from being in the field  how ideas come to life and implement in a real life scenario.

You also receive participation in: Preparatory travel classes educating you on the area of travels, classes on effective project management, empowerment between worlds, guest lectures from Fashion Models telling their story on how they brought projects to life, tour at the UN and media attention in relation to student’s visit in the chosen destination.

Learn how you can be a powerful contributor to your own life and others!

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Selection process of volunteers will begin in November 2014 with assisting at information sessions held at UMP headquarters in the Fashion District in NYC for students and their parents. Written applications will be due in early December 2014, followed by in-person interviews with MAP and Peace Boat staff. Finalists will be asked to provide documentation that they will be able to travel abroad. Final decisions will be made by the end of end of 2014 for travels in late Jan 2015. The volunteers will assist with the entire process.

Once selected the volunteers coming on MAP travels will assist in holding workshops to prepare the participants for the program on the Peace Boat. Topics will include cultural sensitivity; indigenous rights; nuclear disarmament; traveling internationally; natural disasters and environmental sustainability; U.S.-Japan relations; and the history, politics, culture, and economy of both Japan and the regions in Central America that we are visiting.

As a volunteer you will also assist with the follow-up from the travels. The impact of the project’s outcome will continue through the work done by the students in their local communities as well as through the sustained partnership between MAP and Peace Boat US. Through the network of a number of public middle and high schools in NYC in which the students are or have been attending, the students will have the opportunity to present to hundreds of youth in MAP programs about what they learned through this experience. MAP and Peace Boat US also plan to sponsor a month-long photography and video exhibit at the MAP/Peace Boat office in Manhattan that will showcase the Model Ambassadors’ experience to the public. School groups can apply to visit the exhibition, schools receive reduced rate entry fees that will help support the next MAP program on board the Peace Boat, and at the exhibition students can apply for the opportunity to join on the Peace Boat on the next MAP related travels.

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How To Apply?

Send an email to info@universalmodelsforpeace.org and let us know who you are! Fill out the application and email it back to info@universalmodelsforpeace.org If we think you are a possible match we will invite you in for an information evening at our Head Quarters in New York Once accepted we will offer you a term of volunteering and we get to work on a developmental project.